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Why I Didn’t Want to Share Parental Leave with My Wife

I first wrote this blog on shared parental leave for PitterPatterPither. It was a few months into my wife’s maternity leave before she looked at me and asked: – “Do you want to share the leave?”. It wasn’t something I’d really considered. The blur of two weeks paternity leave post-birth aside, I was of the opinion the […]

Can You ‘Marie Kondo’ Your Child?

Decluttering guru – and current darling of Netflix – Marie Kondo asks the family she’s been drafted in from Japan to help, drowning in a lifetime of accumulated possessions, whether each item they own ‘sparks joy?’. If not, her minimalist doctrine dictates they should rid themselves of that possession. She taps into a trend that […]

Year One – Reflections and Observations

My daughter turned one this week to much fanfare and garish gifts from gushing family members, each with flashing lights and mid-Atlantic robotic accents. While it’s largely an arbitrary milestone – particularly for the child – it is perhaps the first of significance. At least as far as the NHS is concerned, I am now […]

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Latest Gadget Review


Circa £90 may seem pricey for what is basically a glorified kettle with an inbuilt thermometer. But the end justifies the means. It’s an amazing time-saving device.


Gandalf and his staff couldn’t stop me rushing out to buy a replacement if my current Tommee Tippee broke – it’s simply that good.


Turns what was once a 20-minute job involving guesswork, a microwave and your forearm into a touch of the button two-minute process.

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