About Me

Hi, I’m Paul Sweeney. I’m an Oxfordshire based tech-marketer and Dad. Like most millennial men, upon discovering I was an expectant Dad I went to the only place I could trust for further information – Google!

With a few notable exceptions, I was underwhelmed by what was returned to me after hitting ‘enter’. By contrast, my wife appeared to have near-limitless – and rather good – blogs, podcasts and books written by Mothers – from the ‘other side’ – for expectant mothers.

This blog is my attempt to map a *very* small part of this uncharted territory, from a Father’s perspective. I have no formal qualifications in this area other than I share the responsibility for raising a small human being, I have opinions and I can string a few words together.

Thanks for reading. Bleary Eyed Dad is the place where fathers/expectant fathers can find useful information, advice, insights, resources, and inspiration.