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Tommee Tippee Product Review

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I’ll keep this Tommee Tippee Product Review simple:- Buy this miracle milk giving contraption at any cost!

Feeding your baby is an emotive subject and those first few days of establishing feeding – whether by breast or bottle – are likely to be anxiety-filled as you, your partner and baby find a rhythm that works for all.

It’s likely you’ve had the ‘breast is best’ message drummed into you in the lead up to birth. I’m woefully under-educated to contradict this message, but whether through choice or necessity there’ll likely arrive a point where you’ll want to introduce a bottle of formula.

My own experience was after four months of exclusive breastfeeding, Mrs Bleary Eyed Dad and I opted for a formula ‘dream feed’ in the hope of stealing an hour or two’s extra sleep before the baby needed feeding again.

There’s some evidence to suggest formula milk has a higher calorie content, ergo baby is fuller – and asleep! – for longer. My own anecdotal evidence is that any increase in the time needed before the next feed was marginal at best, we’re talking minutes of additional Zzzzz’s – if any at all.

That said, it was also a nice way for me as a Dad to be involved in the feeding process and build a bond with the baby in a way I had been unable to do so while being exclusively breastfed. Also, in the early days when breastfeeding was very difficult, the Tommee Tippee was a reassuring presence in the corner of the kitchen.

Set Up

The Tommee Tippee is a little time consuming rather than tricky to set up. The instructions suggest 10 minutes, but I’d set aside half an hour. It has to run through a hot water cleaning process to sterilise all the components before any milk is produced.

The hot water is captured and discarded before fitting a filter.

Once set up you need to remember to top it up with cold water pretty regularly as the filtration process takes quite a while. Once done, you select the amount of formula you want with the dial on the top. This number corresponds with your baby’s age and the recommended spoon fulls of powder formula they need on the side of your chosen formula milk container.

Once you’ve spooned the correct amount into the bottle, it’s placed under the Tommee Tippee’s water dispenser. A small shot of sterilising hot water is added to the powdered formula followed by a loud beep.

At this stage, you’re recommended to shake the mixture to dissolve all the powdered milk and place it back under the water dispenser. You’ll need to do so pretty expediently as the machine will start beeping at you like some milk giving Dalek.

Finally, a further stream of water is added to bring the milk to the correct quantity and temperature. The entire process takes about two minutes.

Any Cons?

The obvious con is the medical and philosophical argument about whether a parent should a) formula feed at all, and b) whether a machine like the Tommee Tippee gives parents an easy way out when they should persist with breastfeeding.

This is such a personal and emotive choice that any advice I give it next to useless.

I’d just reiterate, whatever your circumstances, formula feeding is quite likely to form part of your feeding process for a period of time at some stage, so why not make it as easy as possible to do so?

Another con:- the beeps are very loud! Like, ridiculously so. And there’s no way to adjust the volume.

Finally, powdered formula milk is pretty pricey, especially compared to breastmilk, which is basically free. There’s no way around this other than buying in enormous quantities to reduce the unit cost.

Bleary Eyed Dad Verdict?

It’s basically a kettle with an inbuilt thermometer, but it’s still brilliant.

Turns what was once a 2o minute process involving guesswork, a microwave and splashing milk onto your forearm into a two minute automated process. Parenting is hard and a drain on time. Where a labour saving device can save you 90% of the time and effort involved in a chore, the investment is worthwhile.

The Toppee Tippee Perfect Prep 2.0 release should certainly have a way of adjusting the volume though!

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